Emerald Coast Video Production


Our Workflow


When we go on our shoots, 99% of the time we are asked "Whoa, what kind of camera is that?" or, "What IS that thing??" Well, we're here to answer those questions and give a peek into our lives as production professionals.

We're a small team so we have to use equipment that's portable but still packs a punch. We film using Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras. They look a lot like smart phones, but let us shoot footage at quality comparable to Hollywood cinema. In fact, you've seen footage shot on the cameras we use if you're a fan of The Avengers or the Sundance Film Festival. The reason these tiny little cameras are so amazing is because they capture video as RAW uncompressed footage, which means that our cameras work at full capacity to capture image quality, color depth, light exposure, and sharp detail.

We also use some other great hardware that allows us to supplement our cinematography. Since our team is highly mobile, we have to have equipment that can keep up with us. For that, we use a tool called a shoulder rig that allows us to take our talents anywhere. The shoulder rig allows us to stabilize our cinema camera with, you guessed it, our shoulders! The shoulder rig is a wonderful piece of equipment for us since it allows us to tell people's stories in a very authentic and spontaneous way.

A lot of people are really surprised when we break out just as much audio recording equipment as we have video recording equipment. Many people think of sound as an afterthought to video, but to us that's the most important aspect. Great sound in a video will go by largely unnoticed since it sounds natural, and that's exactly the goal. To capture the most natural sound, we use a Rode NTG-2 microphone, an Audio-Technica Pro 70 lavaliere microphone, and a Zoom H4N portable audio recorder (there we go again with the portable equipment). Our trusty microphones have given us amazing sound for interviews, natural environment recording, film dialogue, and even music videos.

When all of our video and audio recording is over, we go to our video editing and sound mastering software to handle all of our high quality footage. The awesome and unique thing about Triptych's production workflow is that our cameras have a program that is specifically tailored to let us get the best out of our footage. That program is Blackmagic's Davinci Resolve video editing program, and this software is the absolute cutting edge for video editing. That RAW uncompressed footage our cameras film is processed in its full capacity by our editing software with absolutely no compromise to the quality.

The combination of our equipment and software arsenal lets us give our clients the absolute best visual product with confidence. All of our tools, as strange as they may look, are intentionally chosen to maximize our workflow so that we can focus all of our attention on telling our client's stories. 

Until next time,